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About us

More than 30 years of experience in vehicle maintenance in Sainte-Catherine.

The Company

Pneus et Mécanique Sainte-Catherine

Located at 5280, Route 132 in Ste-Catherine, the garage has been in business for over 30 years. In September of 2009, M. Guy Girard acquires the business and renames the location Pneus et Mécanique Sainte-Catherine.

M. Guy Girard has been known in his area for many years. He has owned many businesses, mainly in the automobile industry. A number of them even received distinctions in management, prevention and customer service. M. Girard is also a part of several community groups.

Pneus et Mécanique Sainte-Catherine is now part of the Point-S family, allowing us to offer competitive prices and high quality industry standards. Our superior customer service norms are guaranteed, and certify you will be provided with the most enjoyable experience.

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The team

Always here when you need us.

Pneus et Mécanique Sainte-Catherine relies on a team of professional that acquired a lot of experience over the past years. This increased knowledge is put into practice in order for you to get the service you deserve.

Our technicians are properly trained to ensure the standards determined by the automaker. We are accredited by the Société d'assurance automobile du Québec (SAAQ) to perform preventive maintenance (PMP).

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Our Vision for a Better Future.

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Social commitment

Social commitment

Pneus et Mécanique Sainte-Catherine was a major sponsor of the Royal Roussillon Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCIRR) in 2004.

For a greener future - Environmental commitment | Point S · Pneus et Mécanique Sainte-Catherine
Environmental commitment

Environmental Responsibility

In order to leave behind a healthy planet for our children, we rigorously follow all the government environmental protection regulations.


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For maximum safety and optimal performance, we recommend changing your tires:

  • For winter: When temperatures drop below 7°C. Our experts can advise you on the best time to switch your tires.
    In Quebec - Your vehicle must be equipped for winter from December 1st to March 15th.
  • For summer: Before temperatures rise above 7°C.
    In Quebec - Ideally before May 15th..

Monitor tread wear and wear indicators. If tread depth is less than 4 mm, it's time to replace your tires to ensure optimal grip.

Wheel balancing ensures even distribution of the wheel and tire weight, thereby avoiding unwanted vibrations that can cause premature tire and suspension component wear.

We strongly recommend getting rustproofing treatment annually, ideally before winter, to effectively protect your vehicle against harsh Quebec road conditions. This preventive treatment helps prevent corrosion and maintain your car's structural integrity, ensuring durability and preserving its value over time.

Our affordable tire storage service ensures optimal protection for your tires during periods of inactivity. Our secure facilities guarantee ideal storage conditions, preserving tire quality while freeing up space at your home. It's a convenient solution to keep your tires in good condition and ready for use when needed, providing peace of mind throughout the year.

Proper wheel alignment ensures smooth handling, prevents uneven tire wear, and improves your vehicle's energy efficiency. This extends the life of your tires and steering components, while enhancing stability and safety on the road.

We offer a comprehensive range of general mechanical services, including repairs, tune-ups, and preventive inspections to ensure your vehicle performs optimally in all conditions. Contact us now!

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Shocks and Suspension
Heating and Air Conditioning
Preventive Maintenance
Vehicle Esthetics
Electronic Fuel Injection
Tire Rotation
Tire repair
Oil Change
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